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April 21 2016


BEFORE US, by Duncan Alex

Radiohead tool new album paul simon
"This next track is actually crazy, but insane brilliant in a great way", "I can hear the actual Michael Jackson, definitely" : BBC Radio Devon, 20/02/16 - Just before Us [single]

Radiohead tool new album paul simon
Before Us all [album] is an uplifting record choc-full of funky as well as smooth numbers. The idea somehow manages to dust 6 awesome years of varied influences around Duncan Alex’s own incredibly unique and invigorating prog-pop/rock/RnB end projects. Smooth vocals are positioned against 70's/80's- style vocoder and fluid, gritty guitar riffing by Exmouth local guitar main character Ian Davey, underpinned by alternately cozy and foot-stomping basslines. This audio adventure has several shocks in store, such as the husky hues of guest vocalist Jess Hatton-Brown. It starts great and gets best of all, rewarding repeated listens, leaving you wanting much more. BBC radio described the particular track ‘Before Us’ as, “so considerably happening that it shouldn’t work but it flippin' well does…we don’t understand how you do it, just keep doing the work!” - So state we all.


Duncan Alex’s 4th album “Before Us” dropped 20 March 2016 worldwide on the search engines music [https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Duncan_Alex_Before_Us?id=Bjdodqeajkqo6rztsvkmrvbqoyy&hl=en_GB], itunes [http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/before-us/id1091633353], bandcamp [http://duncanalex.bandcamp.com/] and CDBaby [http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/DuncanAlex].

Given that literally before this individual was born, Duncan Alex listened avidly to all kinds of music (his or her Mum was a performer). But he 1st felt the itchiness to write his own songs in his late adolescents. It started generally with layering words and beats, employing a cassette walkman to twice up tracks, after that doubling those, after that getting a keyboard and also 4-track, then buying a Personal computer to be able to produce a lot more layering and elements.

After many years producing cassette demonstration tapes at home, he worked his means towards actual studio room time, and produced a debut Air. It got Aussie national airplay on junior station Triple L, and was written up throughout Rolling Stone newspaper as “classy and promising".

A lot has happened since, in music, and in life - as well as life’s experiences tried however failed to draw Duncan from writing and generating in his spare time, along with collaborating with others. He’s composed hundreds of songs. He’s published and sung inside covers and genuine ones electric and acoustic guitar bands, and when it first became possible to do so he also worked remotely. An in-person collaborator, other indie singer-songwriter Jess Hatton-Brown, is now truly remote (living in Nantes) and then she features on a magnificently sung track about the new album. The main collaborator on this new album, however, is Ian Davey. Duncan met this particular rock the almighty guitarist a few years again, and it became crystal clear that together they may produce something good, but very different. Many demos have been recorded, and some have been reconstructed as records for this recording.

Before Us, your fourth album by Duncan Alex, has become described as "very original", "future blues”, "laid back but invigorating" and “very uplifting”. It’s time for visitors to hear what the music of Duncan Alex is about.

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